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Download Amazon eBook in 4 easy steps:

1) Amazon's software program called kindle works on any device: PC, Mac, Android, iPad etc.  Download free kindle software app for your device (Click on black box titled "Download for PC & Mac" or "Apple App" or "Google Play").

2) Click on file downloaded in step#1 to install kindle app on your device. Next, open kindle app & click on Sync button next to Library and Register Kindle as shown in picture below:-

3)  Use prepaid eBook link sent via email or Use 7-day free trial link:-

  1. Digital Radiography & PACS

  2. Pharmacology & Drug Administration

  3. Comprehensive Radiographic Pathology (old 5th edition)

hint: If your device does not show in the list, choose any other device

4)  Go to your device: PC, Mac, iPad etc. Open kindle software app installed in step#1. Click on Sync button next to Library. Your ebook will appear in library. 

     Happy Reading!

5) troubleshooting tip:

                 If you run into device access issue, Go to Amazon Manage Device & Set downloaded device as default device. Chat with 

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