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Purchase two courses providing 16+ ARRT & CCI CEU at 29% discount.

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-Ideal for CCI Certificate Level (CCT and CRAT). Provides all required CEU to Certified Cardiographic Technician and Certified Rhythm Analysis Technician. 

-This combo provides 15.5 CEU for CCI registery Level (RCIS, RCES, RCS, RCCS, RPhs, RVS, ACS).

-ARRT Category A courses.



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16+ CCI Certificate CEU, 15.5 CCI Registry CEU, on sale, Try&Buy

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  • Registry acceptance*:

    • ARRT – Accepted keyword:takece
    • CCI - Accepted (certificate level 20 CEU, registry level 15.5 CEU)
    • ARDMS - Not accepted 

    State acceptance for radiology*:

    • AR,CA,OR,KY(LXMO) – not Accepted
    • Florida – Accepted course#1 9.5CE Technical Cat & course#2 3CE Pers Dev Cat
    • MA - 12 CEU healthcare practice related
    • Texas – 12 CE Indirectly related
    • Other States - Accepted


    - State acceptance is for Radiology only. It does not apply to Cardiovascular Technologists.

    - Courses Approved by ARRT RCEEM 

    - ARRT course acceptance includes Xray, CT, MRI, Mammo, NM, QM, Densitometry, Ultrasound, Vasular/Cardiac IR.

    - Money back guarantee on course acceptance

    - Generous test refund policy


    See FAQ#2 for acceptance details&caveat

  • Cardiovascular Diseases:

    Credits: 9.5 CCI CEU for certificate and registry level.


    This takece.com course offers global atlas on cardiovascular disease prevention and control. It is divided into three main sections:

    1. Cardiovascular diseases due to atherosclerosis.
    2. Other cardiovascular diseases.
    3. Prevention and control of CVDs: Policies, strategies and interventions.


    Patient Safety in Healthcare:

    Credits: 9.5 CCI CEU for certificate level and  6 CEU for registry level in non-cardio category.


    This takece.com patient safety course covers patient safety relevant to health care. It also explains the importance and tools for effective patient communication, infection prevention & control. Furthermore the course also covers human factors, accountability, being an effective team player and learning from errors to prevent harm.


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