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-Two ASRT approved courses providing 30.75 cat. A credits

-Earn 30.75CME for ARDMS(RDMS, RDCS & RVT)

-ARRT structured edu/CQR coding: Ultrasound Techniques & Patient Safety.

-Ultrasound Techniques course satisfies all sonography certification Str. Edu requirement



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30CME: Ultrasound & Pt. Safety - ARDMS ARRT, Sale, Try&Buy, 14% off

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  • Registry acceptance*:

    • ARRT: 30.75CE


    - ARDMS course acceptance is for RDMS, RDCS & RVT.   

    - ARRT course acceptance is for Xray, CT, MRI, Mammo, NM, BD, Ultrasound, Vasular/Cardiac IR. Radiology technologists must check their state requirements at course#1 & course#2.

    - Money back guarantee on course acceptance

    - Generous test refund policy

    * See FAQ#2 for acceptance details&caveat

  • UltraSound Techniques:

    ASRT approved 20.25 cat. A credits.

    This takece.com ultrasound CE course covers physics, equipment, preparation, examination techniques, positioning of the patient and scanning techniques. It also includes normal findings and pathological findings in Neck, Chest, Scrotum, Urinary bladder, Urethra, Prostate, Seminal vesicles Penis, Kidneys, Ureters, Adrenal glands, Gastrointestinal tract, Gallbladder, Bile ducts, Spleen, Pancreas, Liver, Abdominal cavity and retroperitoneum. Furthermore, it explains special aspects of abdominal ultrasound and examination of HIV-infected patients.


    Patient Safety in Healthcare:

    ASRT approved 10.5 cat. A credits.

    This takece.com patient safety course covers patient safety relevant to health care. It also explains the importance and tools for effective patient communication, infection prevention & control. Furthermore the course also covers human factors, accountability, being an effective team player and learning from errors to prevent harm.


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