35CME: Manual of Ultrasound & History of Pandemics - ARDMS ARRT, Sale, Try&Buy
  • Course info:

    -Two ASRT approved courses providing 35.75 cat. A credits

    -Earn 35.75CME for ARDMS(RDMS, RDCS & RVT)



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    35CME: Manual of Ultrasound & History of Pandemics - ARDMS ARRT, Sale, Try&Buy

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    • Registry acceptance*:

      • ARDMS(RDMS,RDCS&RVT): 35.75CME
      • ARRT: 35.75CE


      - ARDMS course acceptance is for RDMS, RDCS & RVT.   

      - ARRT course acceptance is for Xray, CT, MRI, Mammo, NM, BD, Ultrasound, Vasular/Cardiac IR. Radiology technologists must check their state requirements at course#1 & course#2.

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      * See FAQ#2 for acceptance details&caveat

    • Manual of Diagnostic UltraSound:

      ASRT approved 25.25 cat. A credits.

      This comprehensive ultrasound CE course covers safety of diagnostic ultrasound, preparation, examination techniques, normal findings and pathological findings in obstetrics, gynecology, breast, pediatric and musculoskeletal sonography. Furthermore, it also includes the use of Doppler in obstetrics; The course offers breast biopsy technique, neonatal cranial ultrasound and neonatal intestinal obstruction information.


      History of Pandemics Learning from the Past:

      ASRT approved 10.5 cat. A credits.

      This continuing education course reviews the pandemic history of 1918 Spanish Influenza, 2009 H1N1 pandemic (Swine Flu), Ebola, H5N1 Hong Kong outbreak, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), and SARS. It provides strategies and framework for global coordination, public education, improving healthcare capabilities, vaccination development and other priority issues. It provides a road map to deal with future outbreaks.


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