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Try & Buy  FAQ:​​

Is try&buy ebook and PDF test-questions same as real course?

Yes. It is same as real course and PDF test-questions appear in same sequence in online test. Test questions are grouped by chapter. As you finish a chapter, Mark the answers; Thus, You can fit CE in your time schedule.

How do I download free PDF eBook?

Click on the ebook link provided below. Depending on your browser setting, PDF will be saved in download folder or open in browser. If you are trying to download on a smartphone, Please try from a laptop or ipad.

How it all works?

Our process is EZ and intuitive. Take a free demo course (click here) and discover how smoothly it works from purchase to certificate.

EZ Try & Buy Steps: 

  1. Select a course from list below.

  2. Download free eBook.

  3. Download test questions (hint: print test and mark answers).


Try & Buy AARC® approved Respiratory Therapy CEU Courses:​​

1) 25 CE Health Effects of Smoking:

2) 12 CE Cardiac Arrest Survival:

3) 8 CE Patient Safety Guide:

  • Get free eBook from WHO website: click here (hint: click on ENGLISH in downloads list)

  • Print test & mark answers: click here (note: Questions start on Page#93)

  • Purchase test: click here

4) 5 CE Cardio Diseases Prevention:

  • Get free eBook from WHO website: click here (hint: click to Download 11.8Mb pdf file)

  • Print test & mark answers: click here 

  • Purchase test: click here

Our Respiratory Care CEUs are approved by the AARC® and accepted by NBRC & States. For details, Please visit Respiratory CEU main catalog.