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This course is based on Chapters 11 to 20 only

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1. Download test: Click here (hints: Print test & mark answers. Questions are grouped by chapter. If busy schedule, Do 1 chapter at a time)

2. Download free eBook* from IAEA: Click here(hint: book-name is different from course-name)

If you have already purchased course, skip step#3 & go to step#4

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4. Take online test: click here (hint: see email for test ecode, you have 3 attempts)


     a. Select start(not resume)

     b. Create login, click start button & enter test ecode 

Helpful tips:

a. How do I download PDF eBook or test-questions?

When you click on PDF link, PDF will get saved in download folder or open in browser. If PDF opens in browser, click on download button to save it on your device. 

hint: You can download and save PDF on multiple devices. If you cannot find your file, you can always download and save it again.

b. PDF ebook or test-question problem: 

Install Adobe Acrobat Reader & open PDF file in Acrobat Reader.

c. Online test trouble:
Click on the test link above. 

  • Start test: Select start(not resume), create login, click start button, enter test ecode, click continue button.

  • Resume test: Select resume(not start) & enter existing login details (if you forgot password, click forgot password button)


d. Device: Use laptop or tablet.