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Licensing Questions

Which courses are accepted for the ARRT@ license renewal?

Our category 'A' or 'A+' CE Courses are accepted for the ARRT® license renewal. ARRT® does not have a mandatory requirement regarding the types of CE topics for any credential except R.R.A.® & Sonography. ARRT® (X-Ray, CT, Mammo, MRI, NMT, R.T.®, Radiation Therapy, BD, IR)  licensee can select any course on any topic from Radiology CE catalog. 

Which courses are accepted for the NMTCB® license renewal?

Courses approved by an RCEEM like ASRT®, AHRA® etc. meet the NMTCB's criteria of awarding continuing education credits for CNMT & NMTCB(CT) credentials. You need 24 CE to maintain CNMT & NMTCB(CT) certification. For NMTCB(CT), 12 CE out of total 24CE should be specific to CT. See Nuclear Medicine CE Catalog.

What are the state rules for Radiology CE?

Most states accept courses that are accepted for the ARRT®, but some states, like AR, CA, FL, MA, OH, OR, TX, WV etc, have specific requirements. Please review your state's continuing education requirements before purchasing a CE course.

State list:-

  1. Arkansas

  2. California

  3. Florida (Our category A/A+ courses are approved by Florida Department of Health FLDOH. We report CE credits to FLDOH) 

  4. Massachusetts

  5. Ohio (ODH accepts valid license from ARRT® or NMTCB® as proof of meeting Ohio's continuing education requirements. There are special requirements for those who do not have a valid ARRT®/NMTCB® license: CE probation, Retired status, Non certified etc. Our CE courses do not meet those special requirements). 

  6. Oregon

  7. Texas

  8. West Virginia

  9. Other states

Go to Radiology CE catalog and select your state.

Which approvals/requirements are satisfied by takece.com courses?

Each course page provides a detailed registry and state acceptance list. We make every effort to keep it accurate and up-to-date. It is prepared based on our evaluation of state requirements and/or guidance we received from the approving ARRT® RCEEM. However, It is your responsibility to ensure that CE course topics satisfy any specific requirements that may exist for your primary/post-primary credential and individual state/s in which you practice. If you need further information about your state CE requirements, please contact your state.

Testing Questions

CE activity instructions:-

In order to receive CE credit, you must first complete the CE activity content. When completed, go to the last page of the activity to access the post-test.

Post-test instructions:-

Submit the completed answers to determine if you have passed the post-test. You must obtain a score of 75% to receive the CE credit. You will have no more than 3 attempts to successfully complete the post-test.

What if I failed all 3 test attempts?

If you fail all three attempts, we will issue full refund of your post-test price. If you purchased an E-Book & Post-Test combo then we will issue refund of post test portion of combo. Our post-test refund policy is 31 days. See our Guarantee Policy for refund details.


How online testing works?

Take a free demo course & discover how purchase, online testing, grading & certificate works. Your work is saved as you answer each online question. You can log off and resume testing at your convenience. Suggestion: Print the test questions, Answer all questions on paper & then start online testing.

How long does it take to get my certificate?

As soon as you pass, Certificate is automatically emailed. Check your email spam/junk folder.

Does Take CE LLC keeps record on my CE credits?

Yes. We maintain records for our customers for 3 years. If you need a copy of your certificate to replace a lost one, please visit my certificates.

Registry Questions

Does takece.com report my CE credits to ARRT® or State?

No. It is Technologist's responsibility to report their CE credits to ARRT® directly.


If you have Florida state license then please provide it on our online test information section. We will report your CE credits to Florida Department of Health.

ARRT® Probation: I forgot to complete CE before the end of my biennium?

As per Section 9 of ARRT® CE requirements, Your license will be transferred to a "CE Probation" status. Length of CE probation period is about 6 months. During the CE probation period, You may be allowed to complete the credits that they were lacking during the biennium with no additional penalty credits. Please contact ARRT® for details.

Course Questions

What features takece.com course offers?

We offer many great features like Generous refund policy, Money back guarantee, Risk-free try&buy offer, Free eBooks, More credits per course etc. 

Where can I find course details like number of credits, credit type, approvals etc.?

All our courses are category A or A+ credits. Select a CE Catalog below & click on product you are interested in. You will find all the details on product page.

CE Catalog List:

  1. All ARRT® CE Credits

  2. CT CE Credits

  3. MRI CE Credits

  4. Mammography CE Credits

  5. Nuclear Medicine CE Credits

  6. Radiation Therapy CE Credits

  7. Ultrasound CE Credits

  8. Structured Education & CQR CE

  9. X-Ray CE Credits