FAQ & Helpful Tips

For questions related to license, course approvals, test & certificate, Visit FAQ:

For other questions & troubleshooting, See helpful tips:

1) Purchase Problem:

    a) I cannot purchase from workplace computer: 
        Use "Buy Now" button or purchase course from home or smartphone. 

    b) Use Google Chrome Browser.

    c) I cannot pay with credit/debit card:
        We have two checkout options: Paypal & Credit-debit. If one fails, please try other.

        Paypal can be used without creating an account.  

2) Time Crunch: I don't have time to do entire course in 1 seating?

All our courses come with open book post test. Test questions are grouped by chapter. As you finish a chapter, Mark the answers; Thus, You can fit CE in your time schedule.

3) I already have book, how much does test cost?

Select catalog from Course Menu. You will see the price displayed on purple ribbon. Displayed price includes online testing, certificate & free eBook (if applicable). If eBook is free, Displayed price is the test cost. Test cost is same as price listed under "test & free eBook" or "test only" option.

4) How long does it take to receive test-ecode, book & eBook? Where is my email?

As soon as you place the order, We will send you order fulfillment email containing test access code, test questions and free eBook link (if applicable). Most book orders are delivered within 2 to 6 days. Many customers have multiple email accounts. Please look for order fulfillment email titled "Your takece order & test ecode is ready!!" in spam/inbox folders. 

5) Device & Browser tip: Use laptop or tablet. Use Google Chrome browser.

6) Attached PDF document problems ("click here" links not working, "print" button not working, cannot see test questions):

Install Adobe Acrobat Reader. Next, click on attached document & open in Acrobat Reader. Hints: use  share on apple or symbol or download  button to open PDF in Acrobat Reader. Do "touch & hold on tablet" or "right-click on windows" or "ctrl-click on mac" to find open/print options. If you can't find downloaded PDF, check your download folder. 

7) PDF eBook problem:
From laptop or tablet, Go to order fulfillment email. Perform step#5. Go to 1st page & click on the eBook link. Many free eBooks can also be downloaded from try&buy page.

8) Amazon eBook problem: click here

9) Online test trouble:
From laptop or tablet, Go to order fulfillment email. Perform step#5. Go to 1st page & click on the test link.
    a) Start test:  

       1) Click on start(not resume) test.

       2) Create new login account & click start button.

       3) Enter test ecode and click continue button.

       If you run into error, Send step number and error message snapshot.

    b) Log back & Resume test: 

        1) Click on resume(not start) test.

        2) Enter login details (if you forgot password, click forgot password button, enter email, wait for 5min & check junk/spam folder for "Classmarker" email)

10) Cannot print test questions:

From laptop or tablet, Go to order fulfillment email. Perform step#5. Next, press "Ctrl P" or select "Print".

Need assistance? Email us: help@takece.com or Let's Chat!