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3755 N Josey Lane # 118732
Carrollton, TX, 75007

SMS text message: 214-937-9956

Helpful Tips:

​1) Course history/Certificate request:

Not sure which courses you have passed & how many credits you earned with us:- click here 

2) Purchase Problem:

  • Press refresh & try again.

  • Try a different credit/debit card.

  • Purchase course from smartphone.

  • If you purchasing from workplace, Purchase from home or smartphone (hint: turn off employer wifi).

  • Try a different browser.

3) Time Crunch: I don't have time to do entire course in 1 seating?

All our courses come with open book post test. Test questions are grouped by chapter. As you finish a chapter, Mark the answers; Thus, You can fit CE in your time schedule.

4) How it works:

As soon as you place the order, We fulfill it via email. Our tests are open book online tests. You can print test questions and mark answers before starting the test. As soon as you finish the test, it is autograded and a certificate is generated. Do a free how it works demo course:- click here

5) Order Email not received. Where is my test-ecode: 

Many customers have multiple email accounts. Please look for order fulfillment email titled "Your takece order & test ecode is ready!!" in spam/inbox folders. 


6) Tip: Go to course link in order email and follow the steps. Send us step# and a detailed error message or screenshot.


7) How do I download PDF eBook or test-questions?

When you click on PDF link, PDF will get saved in download folder or open in browser. If PDF opens in browser, click on download button to save it on your device. You can download and save PDF multiple times on same or different devices.

8) PDF eBook problem:

Install Adobe Acrobat Reader & open PDF file in Acrobat Reader.

  • Use ⋮ or ⇩  to open PDF.

  • Press "Ctrl P" or select "Print" to print file.

  • Do "touch & hold on tablet" or "right-click on windows" or "ctrl-click on mac" to find open/print options.

9) Online test trouble:

  1. Start test: enter any email address and any password of your choice.

  2. Resume test: enter existing email address & password.

  3. Reset password: enter existing email address & click forgot password. check inbox/spam folder for password reset link from ClassMarker.

Need assistance? Email us: or Let's Chat!

For questions related to license, approvals, test & certificate, Visit FAQ:

*Which requirements are satisfied by courses?

Our website provides registry & state CE requirement information. Many course info pages provide an acceptance list for registry & state. These information is based on our evaluation of requirements and/or guidance we received from the approving organization. However, It is your responsibility to ensure that CE course topics satisfy any specific requirements that may exist for your registry and individual state/s in which you practice. If you do not have a valid registry license (i.e., CE probation, Non certified, Retired status etc.) or need further information, you should contact your registry and/or state for specific requirements if any.

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