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Structured Education CE Courses coded by ARRT

See our listing on registry websites offers comprehensive selection of CE courses coded by ARRT for structured education/CQR. We offer over 609 CE Credits across 14 disciplines and categories. We provide customized solution for your CQR/StrEdu needs, Send your CQR/StrEdu requirements via email at

Structured Education & CQR CE can be used to satisfy your current license renewal CE requirement.

Continuing Qualification Requirements:

CQR applies to any credentials earned after January 1, 2011, or if you are an RRA. Technologist completes CQR every ten years for each eligible discipline, and will have three years to complete the process.


Structured Education Credits:

ARRT requires 16 hours of structured education as part of the post-primary certification process. You need to complete structured education requirements within 24 months before you submit your post-primary application.

Easiest way to earn 16 CE needed for ARRT Registry:-

 1. CT Registry

Satisfy all ARRT Computed Tomography certification Structured Edu reqs. by purchasing this 27.5CE combo course OR 19 CE Mosby's Computed Tomography Review. 27.5CE combo course also satisfies all Xray/Radiology license renewal CE.

 2. Mammography Registry

Satisfy all ARRT Mammo certification Structured Edu reqs. & Xray/Radiology license renewal CE by purchasing this combo course.

 3. MRI Registry:

Satisfy all ARRT MRI certification Structured Edu reqs. & Xray/Radiology license renewal CE by purchasing this combo course.

 4. Sonography:

Satisfy all ARRT Sonography certification Structured Edu reqs. & earn 20CE for xray/radiology license renewal by purchasing 20.25 CE Ultrasound Techniques course.

Following combination offers CE in all Major SSA Content Categories:-

 1. Nuclear Medicine28 CE NMT Handbook & 10.5 CE Patient Safety

 2. Radiation Therapy24 CE Radiation Oncology Handbook & 10.5 CE Patient Safety


Please 'Select Your Discipline' and review ARRT Course Coding to determine if a course meets your specific need.

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