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Structured Education CE Courses coded by ARRT

See our listing on registry websites offers comprehensive selection of CE courses coded by ARRT for structured education/CQR. We offer about 700 CE Credits across 14 disciplines and categories. We provide customized solution for your CQR/StrEdu needs, email your requirements to help@takece.comEvery year, over 10,000 healthcare professionals earn about 200,000 CE Credits thru our accredited courses. Our process is EZ and intuitive. Take a free demo course (click here) and discover how smoothly it works from purchase to certificate.

Structured Education & CQR CE can be used to satisfy your current license renewal CE requirement.

Continuing Qualification Requirements:

CQR applies to any credentials earned after January 1, 2011, or if you are a RRA. Technologist completes CQR every ten years for each eligible discipline, and will have three years to complete the process.


Structured Education Credits:

ARRT requires 16 hours of structured education as part of the post-primary certification process. You need to complete structured education requirements within 24 months before you submit your post-primary application.

Easiest way to earn 16 CE needed for ARRT Registry:-

 1. CT Registry

Satisfy all ARRT Computed Tomography certification Structured Edu reqs. by purchasing this 27.5CE combo course OR 19 CE Mosby's Computed Tomography Review. 27.5CE combo course also satisfies all Xray/Radiology license renewal CE.

 2. Mammography Registry

Satisfy all ARRT Mammo certification Structured Edu reqs. & Xray/Radiology license renewal CE by purchasing this combo course.

 3. MRI Registry:

Satisfy all ARRT MRI certification Structured Edu reqs. & Xray/Radiology license renewal CE by purchasing this combo course.

 4. Sonography:

Satisfy all ARRT Sonography certification Structured Edu reqs. & earn 20CE for xray/radiology license renewal by purchasing 20.25 CE Ultrasound Techniques course.

Following combination offers CE in all Major SSA Content Categories:-

 1. Nuclear Medicine28 CE NMT Handbook & 10.5 CE Patient Safety

 2. Radiation Therapy24 CE Radiation Oncology Handbook & 10.5 CE Patient Safety


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