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Nice refresher for CT tech. Fun and not boring.

★★★★★  L Sturges



Excellent review of CT and its' use in diagnosing disease and trauma.

★★★★★  A Price



Loved the easy use of ebooks and that it made getting 37.5 credits all at once so nice. So glad I found your site, you all are by far the most affordable and easiest to use. I loved the step by step and hint of print test and do as read material. I thought the material was interesting and very informative for my field of Radiology. Thank you very much for offering a great service to Radiology professionals. Kind Regards,

H. Clark R.T.R

★★★★★ H. Clark


Well delivered and processed. Your website is easy to navigate (even for a 67 year old non-tech person. Thank you.

★★★★★  W Lucchesi



Love this CE website! Easy to download the free ebook, take test when ready with easy sign in and passcode. Great option of getting many CE credits at once and what a great value! Very happy with the super fast graded test and fast emailed certificate as soon as test done! Would rate even higher if had more than 5 stars. Very pleased with information of material as well.

★★★★★  Holly C.



This is the 2nd time I've used, I would highly recommend it! Its user friendly and has many options to allow me to get all my CEUs in one activity.

★★★★★  R Weise

CT Registry Review & Structured Education Credits

ARRT® requires 16 hours of structured education as part of Computed Tomography certification process. You need to complete structured education requirements within 24 months before you submit your CT registry application. Structured Education credits can be used to satisfy your current Xray license renewal CE credit needs.

Following two CE Courses satisfy all CT Structured Education needs. Please choose one:

i. Mosby's Computed Tomography CT Exam Review (click here)

Our 3in1 course offers CT Registry Review, CT Structured Education credits & X-ray license renewal CE credits. It provides 19 CE Credits to renew your current Xray license and 18.25 hours of CT structured education covering all CT exam categories. Click here to download CT exam review test questions for free. Gain access to about 1000 questions with book/ebook purchase. (e)Book & Evolve online study aids prepare students for the ARRT® exam, with three 160-question mock exams in the book and 700 online questions on Evolve that may be randomly accessed for an unlimited number of exam variations. Evolve online study aids allow students to bookmark questions for later study, see rationales for correct and incorrect answers, get test tips for different questions, and record and date-stamp your test scores.

ii. CT Structured Education Combo Course (click here)

This 2-in-1 combo course provides 28 CE Credits satisfying both CT structured education & Xray license renewal CE requirements.

Every year, over 15,000 healthcare professionals earn about 300,000 CE Credits thru our courses. Our EZ process has earned stellar reviews. See 3000+ customer ratings below. Take a free demo course (click here) & discover how it works from purchase to certificate.

Select a Course:

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