32CE: MRI - ARRT Structured Education bundle, on sale

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This 32CE bundle satisfies all MRI certification Structured Edu requirement for ARRT

-Bundle consist of 2 courses: "MRI The Basics" & "MRI Safety" 

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32CE: MRI - ARRT Structured Education bundle, on sale

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  • MRI Safety

    Registry acceptance*:

    • ARRT – Accepted
    • ARMRIT - Accepted
    • Florida – Accepted/Technical Cat.

    MRI: The basics

    Registry acceptance*:

    • ARRT - Accepted
    • ARMRIT - Accepted
    • Florida – Accepted/Technical Cat.

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  • Course Title: MRI Safety

    CE Credits: ARRT 4.5 cat. A credits

    This takece.com course covers protocols for MRI screening and safety. It also includes pediatric MR safety concerns, magnetic field–related issues, MRI contrast agents, cryogen safety, and MRI zones.


    Course Title: MRI: The Basics

    CE Credits: ARRT 27.5 cat. A 

    This takece.com MRI continuing education course covers fundamentals. It provides essential information on MRI exam, basic imaging techniques, imaging hardware, image presentation, image artifacts, clinical images, NMR Spectroscopy, Fourier transforms, imaging principles, Fourier transform imaging principles, fast imaging techniques, advanced imaging techniques, the mathematics of NMR and spin physics.


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