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Try & Buy: Download free eBook & test questions

Course Name:

As per new rule, This course got renewed with fewer credits & more question. Please access renewed course link:- click here

Helpful tips:

a. Make it EZ: Bookmark this page to easily find it later. Click on "star icon in the browser's address bar" or press "Ctrl D" or press ⋮ then "Add to Home Screen".

b. How do I download PDF eBook or test-questions?

When you click on PDF link, PDF will get saved in download folder or open in browser. If PDF opens in browser, click on download button to save it on your device. 

hint: You can download and save PDF on multiple devices. If you cannot find your file, you can always download and save it again.

c. Time Crunch: I don't have time to do entire course in 1 seating?

All our courses come with open book post test. Test questions are grouped by chapter. Print test questions from step#1. As you finish a chapter, Mark the answers; Thus, You can fit CE in your time schedule.

d. How it works:

As soon as you place the order, We fulfill it via email. As soon as you finish the test, it is autograded and a certificate is generated. Do a free how it works demo course:- click here

e. PDF ebook or test-question problem: 

Install Adobe Acrobat Reader & open PDF file in Acrobat Reader.

  • Use or to open PDF.

  • Press "Ctrl P" or select "Print" to print file.

  • Do "touch & hold on tablet" or "right-click on windows" or "ctrl-click on mac" to find open/print options.

​f. Device: Use computer or tablet. Check internet speed.

g. Browser: Use browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc. Clear browsing data cache/cookies.

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