24CE: Basics of Digital Radiography & Radiation Safety bundle (meets CA req)

Course info:

-Two course bundle meets CA digital & fluoro requirements

-No. of ARRT Category A CE Credits: 24

-Course #1: 12CE Basics of Digital Radiography

-Course #2: 12CE Radiation Safety in Radiography



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24CE: Basics of Digital Radiography & Radiation Safety bundle (meets CA req)

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  • Registry acceptance**:

    State acceptance for radiology**:

    • California - Accepted includes 4 hr of digital radiography & fluoroscopy safety
    • Florida - Accepted Technical
    • MA - Accepted
    • Oregon - Accepted
    • Texas - Accepted Directly related
    • Other States - Accepted


    - ARRT course acceptance includes Xray, CT, MRI, Mammo, NM, THR, QM, Densitometry, Ultrasound - 8 CE, Vasular/Cardiac IR.

    - Course Approved by ARRT RCEEM 

    Money back guarantee on course acceptance

    - Generous test refund policy


    ** See FAQ for acceptance details&caveat

  • Course #1: 12 CE The Basics of Digital Radiography

    This takece.com course covers the basics of Digital Radiography. It includes x-ray source, patient dose, radiation protection, image receptor components, image characteristics, basics of computer, components of PACS system and digital applications in diagnostic imaging.



    Course #2: 12CE Radiation Safety in Radiography

    This takece.com radiation safety course covers radiation safety standards, general guidelines for clinical medical imaging and quality assurance. It also covers basic radiation safety in Fluoroscopy, Computed Tomography, Bone Densitometry and other interventional procedures.


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