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Continuing Education Courses for MRT, Limited MRT and NCT

Our courses are approved as category 'A' or 'A+'  by ARRT RCEEM like ASRT, AHRA etc. Our courses are accepted by ARRT for these credentials: X-Ray, CT, Mammography, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Sonography, Radiation Therapy, Densitometry & Vascular IR. ARRT does not have a mandatory requirement regarding the types of CE topics for any R.T. post primary path except Sonography. 

Texas permit holders (Medical Radiologic Technologist MRT, Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist LMRT & Non-Certified Radiologic Technician NCT) need to complete continuing education CE every 24 months. MRT must complete 24 hours of CE, LMRT must complete 18 hours of CE and NCT must complete 12 hours of CE. 50% of hours must be directly related to the use and application of ionizing forms of radiation to produce diagnostic images and/or administer treatment to human beings for medical purposes. Texas Medical Board has eliminated the need to earn in-person, instructor-led CE credits for MRTs. Our category A courses meet TMB's formal CE requirement. For LMRT & NCT, We recommend 15CE Chest Imaging16CE PACS12CE Radiation Safety, & 3CE Understanding Rad Risk

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